Equipping the Next Generation

Registration for TBA 2024

For Students Ages 13-17,
as of June 17, 2024
School dates
June 17 - July 8, 2024
Orientation June 11
• Graduation June 30
Field Trip July 5-8

About TBA

Teen Bible Academy is a summer experience for teens ages 13-17 that includes chapel, devotions, classroom teaching, serving opportunities, and fun and connecting times. 

The vision of Teen Bible Academy is to equip the next generation with fundamental Biblical principles to help them grow in faith, develop Christian character, and form a Christian worldview.


Three weeks tuition cost:
Bread of Life Church Members have the privilege of a discount because the church hosts the TBA and provides financial support.
$450 per person for Bread of Life Church members.
$550 per person for non-members.
$800 per person for out-of-state students.

Cost breakdown:
$50 non-refundable application fee.
$400 tuition fee ($500 for non-members).

Tuition Fee covers:
Curriculum, workshops, t-shirt, notebook, lunch, snacks, and field trip. 

You need to take the following steps to register:

*Please note: When you submit your application, you will be redirected to the next page to make a payment. If you decide not to come to TBA after final acceptance and payment, you will receive a tuition-only refund without a non-refundable $50 application fee. 



Class Lectures

Monday through Friday, outstanding instructors will teach three 50-minute classes a day geared at topics that concern teens today. All lectures will be in English.


There is no better way to start the day than with chapel. Every morning, time is dedicated to worship, prayer, and encouraging testimonies. 

Group Presentation

The class is divided into small groups and assigned a topic for their presentation. During the last days of class, each group presented their topic using specific guidelines and creative methods, with each student taking an active role in participation. 

Counselor Hour

Throughout the week, discussion sessions are held with each counselor and their group. During this time, counselors connect with each teen on a personal level by answering questions that trouble them and investing in each of their lives. 


All students partake in the choir and attend daily rehearsals where they are exposed to music appreciation and vocal training. The choir participates in local church events and graduation ceremony. 

Team Building

These classes are filled with activities and games that teach teamwork and encourage everyone to work together. 

Etiquette Classes

During these sessions, proper etiquette is taught with special concentrations for guys and girls. The instructor also elaborates on the men’s and women’s roles in society using Biblical perspectives. 

Community Outreach

Sharing the Gospel is not always an easy task, especially for teenagers. With this in mind, we developed a class that presents methods and techniques for sharing the Gospel with people on the street. 


This is a daily activity where everyone gets a chance to play sports, work together, and enjoy the outdoors. 



Each girl has the opportunity to take part in a hands-on cooking class. With an experienced cook as their guide, girls learn to make certain dishes and desserts from scratch. 

Hair Design

This class is taught by stylists who will demonstrate the basic principles and techniques of hair design, such as braiding, curling, and styling. 


Another creative hands-on activity is the crafts class, where girls are given the opportunity to create candles, shirts, cards, and much more under the instruction of an experienced designer. 

Event Decor 

Girls are also involved in event decoration and are taught how to make centerpieces, place settings, table covers, and other details of decorating. They then stage an event for their counselors as a way to show their ability and appreciation. 



In this practical and hands-on course, guys are taught basic woodworking skills and the proper use of power tools.


This class is not an ordinary experience. The instructor demonstrates basic survival skills by going out to a nearby forest and teaching how to start a fire, recognize poisonous plants, build shelters, and keep warm. Teamwork is also emphasized as tasks are accomplished.


In this class, guys are given an opportunity to work on an actual car. They replace tires and car parts, change oil and paint, and are given the thrill of driving stick shifts. 


Fishing is a great activity that can be done at any age. Fishing takes little time and practice. Our team teaches students about fishing techniques through hands-on experiences. 

Rules and Regulations

The following rules were designed so that each student is aware of the expectations that we place on them.

TBA staff is concerned not only with academic performance but also with the development of Christ-like character. Please carefully read over and familiarize yourself with each rule before applying to TBA.


1. All students are required to obey the school’s rules, administration, and counselors. Students do not have the right to disturb the discipline established by the instructor, counselor, house leader, or the administration.

2. As Christians; students must respect the upbringing, views, and opinions of others.

3. Students are required to provide counselors with an explanation for any absence from class stating a specific and acceptable reason (acceptable reasons are determined by the administration.)

4. All students are required to be punctual and arrive on time for all lectures, activities, and events. 

5. Students are required to attend all in-school and after-school activities. Attending the scheduled local church is also mandatory.

6. The students will bear consequences for every complaint made against them by outsiders, such as for bad behavior, inappropriate conversations, violation of the dress code, or any type of damages.


7. Students are not allowed to go home during breaks unless given specific permission by the counselors.

8. Students are required to complete and submit all assignments given by the instructor or administration by the set deadline. Points will be deducted for all late submissions. 

9. Electronic devices (Cell phones, smartwatches, etc): 

Prohibited during class, activities, and church services; to be used only during breaks. Once weekly, cell phones will be off-limits for the whole day. Having headphones in and/or using electronic devices during class. Every night at curfew, electronic devices will be stored away.

10. Students cannot change their assigned seats independently or without permission.

11. Leaving the classroom during class time is not allowed. Students will have 10-minute breaks between class periods and an hour break for lunch.

12. Eating is strictly prohibited during lectures.

13. The following is forbidden in a classroom:

14. Students are responsible for the cleanliness and neatness of the school building. Those on duty are responsible for the general cleanliness of the classroom and hallway. 

Dress code

15. Students must abide by the following dress code in school and in church:

*Ladies remember that modesty is not only an ornament but also a guard to virtue. (1 Timothy 2:9)

Dress Code for Ladies

Class Dress Code:

Church Dress Code:

Swimming/Outdoors/Field Trip Dress Code:

Dress Code for Gentlemen

Class/Church Dress Code:

Swimming/Outdoors/Field Trips Dress Code:

16. Students are required to wear their own name tags every day during class and may NOT write on them. 

Christian Morals

17. During the course of the school semester, students are not allowed to date. This only distracts from the student’s studies and the purpose of being at TBA.

18. Conduct that is strictly prohibited between ladies and gentlemen:

19. Behavior that is strictly prohibited:

20. Students are not allowed to:

21. Cheating on exams and any other in-class or out-of-class assignments is strictly prohibited. Lying is unacceptable.

22. It is forbidden to post inappropriate pictures online during the school semester.

23. Students hold a financial obligation for any damages to school inventory, school or church property, place of lodging or school transportation.

24. The school does not bear any responsibility for a student’s medical costs associated with illness, medical condition, trauma, or car accident.

25. If a student withdraws from the school for any reason or if the student is expelled, he/she will not receive a tuition refund.

26. For every violated rule and regulation, the student will face appropriate disciplinary actions. The student will receive a written warning, and parents will be notified. The written warning will be permanently placed in the student’s file. After receiving three written warnings, the student will be expelled from the school without a tuition refund. The student will be responsible for all charges associated with returning home early.

27. In case of outright violation of Christian morals and the Bible with behavior such as fornication, deceit, theft, alcohol, tobacco, or drug storage, selling or use, the administration reserves the right to expel the offender immediately without a warning. 

Conditions to receive a Certificate of Completion

1. The average grade at the end of the program must be at least a C (70% out of 100%).

2. ALL assignments, quizzes, projects, practical experiences, and forms must be submitted.

3. The school holds the right to withhold a certificate from any student who receives three written rule violations or is caught cheating on exams or assignments.

4. Tuition cost is paid in full.

Read Rules and Regulations before registering
Fill out admission application completely 

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